Shoot the Mackay lady Natalie Frahm Discovered in the Supposed Murderer’s House


Police have reacted to shocking allegations on the potential reason for Natalie Frahm’s purported murder in Mackay. At the residence of Natalie Frahm’s alleged murderer, a gun thought to have been used in her death has been discovered.

Police have neglected to deny rumors that Frahm had recorded Ryan Geoffrey Cole allegedly beating his partner before he reportedly shot her to death last Wednesday, even though the reason for her death is still unknown.

After many days of searching, police on Monday said that they had reportedly discovered three pistols on Cole’s Robb Pl house in South Mackay, where he resided next door to 34-year-old Frahm.

They were purportedly a.22 caliber handgun, an air rifle, and an unusable handmade rifle; it is thought that Cole used the latter to kill Frahm when she was in her driveway in a vehicle.

Detective Acting Superintendent Emma Novosel reports that the gun matched those reported by witnesses, including 66-year-old James McGill, who also went to Frahm’s help and was reportedly shot by Cole but who made it out alive.

Novosel stated on Monday, “Based on preliminary findings from ballistic experts and forensic examinations, police believe this is the weapon used to injure James McGill and fatally wound Natalie Frahm.”

“The origin of the pistol and how it (allegedly) came to be in the defendant’s possession are still being investigated.”

She said that none of the firearms had registrations.

It was made public last week that Cole’s actions in 2021 resulted in the revocation of his weapons license and the removal of his guns from his possession.

Novosel stated that the public’s input and CCTV evidence had been vital in assisting detectives in piecing together Cole’s “movements” before the purported shootings.

When questioned about allegations that Frahm had recorded him allegedly beating his partner, she restated the police’s belief that he and Frahm had not communicated before the purported shooting.

According to Novosel, “Investigations thus far suggest that Natalie and the defendant in this case had no prior communication.”

“Therefore, I am unable to address that question further.”

About two hours after the incident, Cole is said to have left the site before being taken into custody at a gas station.

Before his case is brought up in Mackay Magistrates Court in July, Cole is still being held on murder and attempted murder accusations.

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