‘Real World’ Alum Sarah Becker Dead at 52


Sarah Becker, a former cast member of “The Real World,” committed herself, her family has said. 52 was her age. According to Becker’s family, she passed away at her Illinois home early last week, Channel Sunday said. She intended to return to California but had come to the region the previous year to care for some loved ones.

Sarah Becker Dies:

Sarah Becker has away. She was most recognized for her appearance in Season 5 of The Real World on MTV. 52 was her age.

In the Miami-based reality series’ fifth season, Becked made an appearance. Becker’s family confirmed to Channel that she committed suicide at home in Illinois earlier this week. After learning of Becker’s passing, her friends remembered her on social media.

Sarah Becker exuded sunlight all around her. Warmth emanated from her, and you couldn’t help but be happy to be in her company. I’m appreciative of our laughter and travels. Hugs to the entire Wildstorm family! On social media, Daniel Norton shared content.

“I think Sarah was always one of those people, that after you’ve met them, you have a fond memory or a funny story with them in it,” Norton added in response to the post. Something you can share with the people you’re with and always look back on. She had that kind of authority.

According to Channel, Becker relocated to Illinois “last year to take care of family” and has been experiencing mental health issues lately. According to reports, Becker was recently engaged in a skateboarding accident.

Another friend of the former reality star posted pictures of her on Social Media after learning of Becker’s passing.

“I recently learned of the passing of one of the kindest individuals I have ever known, particularly during my formative years. Her cheerful disposition and infectious grin constantly came to mind when I thought of her. Joel Benjamin said, “You were loved and will be missed,” on Social Media.

Becker’s most recent Social Media post, dated June 14, was posted by a friend. Becker contacted her friends to recommend dentists in it.

Becker referred to herself as a “19-year-old trapped in a 25-year-old body” on The Real World: Miami. Becker brought home a dog called Leroy during the season. Dan Renzi, Melissa Padrón, Joe Patane, Cynthia Roberts, Flora Alekseyeun, and Mike Lambert were among Becker’s co-stars.

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