Missing hiker Lukas McClish rescued after 9 days in California forest


A California man, Lukas McClish, supposed to move on a three-hour hike but ended up spending nine days out of vicinity inside the Santa Cruz mountains. Witnesses heard requires help in a wooded region, essential officers to discover a disheveled McClish. He come to be decided shirtless, with only a flashlight and 2 scissors, everyday with NBC accomplice KSBW of Salinas.

McClish, 34, come to be final visible at the morning of June eleven in Boulder Creek, close to Big Basin Redwoods State Park, approximately 14 miles north of Santa Cruz. He did now not tell anyone of his hiking plans, and whilst he failed to reveal up for Father’s Day five days later, his own family have emerge as worried and cautioned him lacking.

Survival in the Wilderness

Throughout his ordeal, McClish survived via the use of sleeping on a mattress of wet leaves, ingesting water from a creek using his boot, and consuming wild berries. He constantly yelled for help, dreaming of a extra comforting meal. “Just ‘Help, help, I’m over right proper right here. Is everyone available? I need a burrito and a taco bowl,’” McClish counseled KSBW. “That’s what I idea about each day after the first five days as quickly as I started out to shape of understand that I might be in over my head.”

McClish spent his days hiking up and down canyons, moving from waterfall to waterfall. Despite being determined with the beneficial aid of a mountain lion, he felt “comfortable” sooner or later of his time out of place. “I had a mountain lion that grow to be following me, however it changed into cool, and he saved his distance,” McClish stated. “I anticipate he have turn out to be definitely any person searching over me.”

Family’s Anxiety

Back at his domestic in Boulder Creek, McClish’s family end up wrought with anxiety. His mom, Diane, struggled to sleep, continuously worrying about her son’s safety. “Some nights, I in truth had to maintain in mind God that he have become going to be OK,” she advised KSBW.

Missing hiker Lukas McClish rescued after 9 days in California forest

Rescue Operation

Authorities applied drones to pinpoint McClish’s vicinity after his cries for help were cautioned. A rescue canine modified into then used to find out and produce him to safety. Remarkably, McClish suffered no essential injuries.

Photos of the rescue capture the emotional second he have become reunited collectively alongside with his own family, included in dust however embracing his cherished ones with seen treatment.

Community Effort and Gratitude

The search for McClish concerned dozens of cops and primary responders from the Boulder Creek Fire Department, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, kingdom parks, and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. His own family expressed considerable gratitude to all concerned, which includes pals and own family who supported the quest efforts.

“I met hundreds of people, due to the fact I had extra human beings come to me and inform me how lots they love my son and the way they without a doubt hoped that we might discover him,” Diane McClish shared with KSBW. “I didn’t recognize that such a lot of human beings on this city love Luke,” she brought.

McClish’s 9-day ordeal inside the Santa Cruz mountains is a testament to his resilience and the terrific help of his network. Despite the harrowing experience, he emerged steady, way to the coordinated efforts of numerous rescue groups and the unwavering preference of his family and pals.

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