Geraldine Doyle Dead at 76: Legendary Comedian is No More


Geraldine Doyle, a renowned comedian and singer, passed away at 76 following a protracted illness. The comedian died on May 29. Before relocating to Australia, he was well-known in Ireland as a singer.

Doyle, who rose to prominence on Australian television throughout the 1970s and 1980s, was initially given a cancer diagnosis in 2009.

Doyle decided to terminate her suffering with the aid of voluntary assisted dying seven years ago when the sickness resurfaced.

Doyle, born in Dublin in 1948, immigrated to Australia in the early 1970s with her husband and kid.

She established a lucrative career as a stand-up comedian and frequently appeared on television programs, including The Kerri-Anne Kennerley Show and Midday with Ray Martin.

She received many Australian Entertainment MO awards, including Best Female Comic, Best Stand-Up Comic in Australia, and Best Versatile Performer.

She wrote a biography titled You Wouldn’t Read About It in 1990, which was chock full of tales about her time spent traveling on opulent cruise liners and exploring Australia, the US, and Canada.

An announcement on Monday said that “she was irrepressible, hilarious, and fiercely protective of a woman’s right to her place as an equal in what was a very competitive, male-dominated entertainment industry and in the wider world.”

“‘Geraldine Doyle is a dangerous woman,’ began an American theater critic’s review of Geraldine’s performance.'” Nothing, absolutely nothing, is safe when she unleashes her hilarity. Nobody was immune from her humor, not even her devoted husband, Paddy Fitzpatrick, who oversaw her profession for over 50 years. It was born out of her keen observations of the world around her.

She endured a protracted struggle with cancer that had returned seven years ago following her original diagnosis in 2009; she was a fervent supporter of Dying With Dignity.

“On Wednesday, May 29, Geraldine Doyle passed away quietly at home with the assistance of voluntary assisted dying.”

Tributes to the adored performer are starting to come in.

A fan commented on the Golden Years of Australian Variety Facebook page, saying, “Loved seeing Geraldine on the TV.”

“I appreciate all of the smiles she brought to my dial.”

Another said, “Such a talent, a wonderful woman who gave so many laughs to so many.”


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