Florida rapper Julio Foolio shot and killed in Tampa, two days after celebrating his 26th birthday


The Florida rapper Julio Foolio, also known as Charles Jones, tragically lost his life in Tampa, Florida, just two days after marking his 26th birthday. Staying at a Holiday Inn in Tampa, Foolio faced a devastating end after being forced out of an Airbnb gathering with friends and then ambushed, as shared by his attorney

Lewis Fusco in an interview with News4JAX. His girlfriend, Mani, expressed her grief on social media, lamenting the loss and the violent circumstances surrounding his death.

Reports indicate that amidst the shooting incident outside the Tampa hotel, three individuals sustained injuries, with one fatality, identified as Foolio.

Fortunately, the injured parties received prompt medical attention and are now in stable condition. The police investigation revealed that the party was disbanded by authorities due to rowdiness, prompting Foolio and his friends to seek an alternative location to continue their festivities.

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