Father forgives son’s killer, teams up to fight teen violence


In 1995, 14-year-old Tony Hicks made history in California by being the youngest person charged and convicted as an adult for the murder of 20-year-old San Diego pizza deliveryman Tariq Khamisa. Surprisingly, today, Hicks collaborates with his victim’s father, Azim Khamisa, to steer teens away from violence.

Azim Khamisa, in a moment of profound realization amidst his grief, recognized that Tony was not his adversary. Following his son’s tragic passing, Khamisa established the Tariq Khamisa Foundation to guide youths away from criminal activities and gangs.

Despite initial resistance, Hicks eventually embraced the foundation’s cause and now serves on its board. After spending 24 years in prison, he was released in 2019 for his role in Tariq Khamisa’s death.

The Tariq Khamisa Foundation, active for 29 years, has impacted around two million teens, advocating for forgiveness and healing to combat youth violence, with Azim Khamisa and Tony Hicks often taking the stage together in this noble pursuit.

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