Escaped Texas Inmate Shot By Police: Know More Here


Authorities shot and apprehended an escaped Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) prisoner following a brief chase.

The 33-year-old prisoner, known as Kidanny Robles, was apprehended by TDCJ personnel about three miles from the Clemens Unit’s cosy camp in Angleton, Texas. At midnight on Sunday, June 23, Robles—who was serving a 20-year sentence for aggravated robbery, robbery, and burglary of a habitat out of Bexar County—was discovered missing following a routine check. He’d left the familiar camp, an off-campus housing arrangement for prisoners needing less supervision than the main prison.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice claims that Robles was shot in the arm by a TDCJ Captain after he disobeyed orders to stop. Robles will be charged with felonious escape. The Office of the Inspector General, as well as local and state law enforcement, received praise from the TDCJ for their help with the arrest and search.

Robles wore a white jail uniform when he was last spotted. Authorities urge anyone who spots him to contact local law authorities and tell them not to approach him.

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