A Guy is Accused of Attacking Women in Two Different Events on Athllon Drive


While one woman went for a run, the other was walking her dog. In two different events that happened in Canberra on the same day, a guy assaulted two ladies.

According to ACT Police, the guy “attempted to grab her before walking away” on Sunday at about 2.45 p.m. when the woman was walking her dog along Athlon Dr. in Mawson. However, he is said to have turned around and started pursuing the woman again.

The same guy is said to have attacked another woman less than half an hour later. At about 3.10 p.m., according to NSW Police, she was running along the same roadway when the guy reportedly “grabbed her and attempted to pick her up and carry her away.”

“The man dropped the woman and fled the scene on foot after a brief altercation.”

The man has black hair, is estimated to be Caucasian, and stands at a height of 170 cm.

At the time of the claimed occurrences, he wore black shoes, a black beanie, and a black puffer jacket.

It is advised that anybody with pertinent information on the purported instances or any other incidents of a similar kind contact the authorities.

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