Oklahoma teen caught in rip current drowns at Florida beach


In Panama City, Fla., sad news as an Oklahoma man passed away after drowning in the Gulf on Thursday. The 19-year-old was swimming behind Sharky’s during a red flag advisory when a rip current caught him.

Lifeguards rescued him from the water and first responders administered CPR on-site. Despite their efforts, he was taken to Bay Medical in critical condition and, unfortunately, later pronounced dead. Stay tuned for further updates as we gather more information on this tragic incident.

The young man from Oklahoma tragically lost his life while swimming in Panama City Beach. Caught in a rip current behind Sharky’s during a red flag advisory, he was rescued by beach safety lifeguards.

Despite receiving CPR on-site and being rushed to Bay Medical, he couldn’t be saved. It’s a devastating situation. We’ll keep you informed as more details unfold about this unfortunate incident.

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