Board of directors of Independence church accepts Bobby Hawk’s resignation amid allegations of inappropriate behavior


Breaking News from Blue Springs, Mo.!
EPIC Church announces Bobby Hawk’s resignation in an email to members. Following allegations from five women, the board of directors shared the news. Stay tuned as we navigate this challenging time with prayers for Pastor Bobby, Vanessa, EPIC staff, and leadership.

Let’s trust in God for guidance and a plan that honors His kingdom. Izzy Davis sheds light on her experiences with Hawk in a recent blog post, recounting unsettling moments during her time as a youth leader at EPIC Church. Stay informed for more updates on this developing story.

Hey there! The situation at EPIC Church in Blue Springs, Mo., is quite intense. Bobby Hawk’s resignation has stirred up a lot of attention after allegations from five women surfaced. The board of directors made the announcement via email to the church members.

It’s a challenging time as everyone at EPIC, including Pastor Bobby, Vanessa, and the leadership, navigates through this. Izzy Davis bravely shared her story in a blog post, shedding light on her unsettling experiences with Hawk during her time as a youth leader. The community is in for more revelations as this story unfolds. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation!

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