Who Were The Two Men With Jay Slater?


The two British men Jay Slater was last seen with prior to his disappearance have been revealed by a Tenerife native. Jay Slater, 19, went missing with the duo after a three-day music festival, and he hasn’t been seen since Monday morning.

When he called his friend Lucy Mae Law on Monday morning, he appeared to be trying to travel back to the southern half of the island, telling her that his phone battery was only 1% charged, according to The Mirror. Since then, authorities have been searching the rural, mountainous area northwest of Tenerife, near the community of Masca, where he was last seen.

Images of the rental home Casa Abuela Tina, where he is thought to have been, have surfaced, providing more details on the two men he was with on Sunday night, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Disappeared The Day Before Going To Britain

“I never saw the missing boy, but I know people saw him walking on his own.” I saw both of the males from Britain who were lodgers.” “They visited us a few times for coffee with leche. One was roughly forty years old. One was marginally younger than the other.”

“The police have spoken to them both,” she continued. They were supposed to stay until Monday after arriving on Saturday, but they departed on Tuesday.” “I don’t know” was her response when someone asked if they had to stay to be questioned by the police.

The two guys who were with Jay the night before he vanished are thought to have rented the property, which is listed online as a vacation house. It’s understood that yesterday they checked out and went back to Britain.

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