Twitch Streamer Dantes Announces Breakup With Laurinchhhe


Creator of Twitch Dantes “Doaenel” declared on X on June 19, 2024, that he and fellow broadcaster Laura “Laurinchhhe” were divorcing. Since their October 2023 dating start, Dantes has provided a lot of glimpses into his life with Laura on social media. Viewers were given an inside look at their dates, the presents he purchased her, and their humorous exchanges.

The couple’s reasons for parting up are explained in depth in Doaenel’s piece. He made a point of saying that he was “not ready” for the relationship. “I could sit here for hours trying to explain why, but it all comes down to one simple truth: I’m not ready for a relationship,” he said. I informed her right away that my career would be my priority.

Unable To Make Compromises

Dantes added that although Laura was “unwilling and unable” to sacrifice her job and everyday life for him, he would “compromise” them both for her. He finally ended things because of this: “The issue is that partnerships are about making concessions. It really eventually took a toll on my mental health to watch her give up on her own life and career to support me, while I was unable or unable to return the favor.”

Doaenel, a well-known League of Legends streamer, and Laura have ended their romance after over eight months together. More than 2.9 million people have viewed the streamer’s statement on X, and many online users have expressed their condolences. Dantes mentioned that he ended his relationship with Laura as a result of his inadequacies as a partner.

The Canadian streamer said he felt he was unable and unwilling to contribute to the “very foundation” of a relationship, citing his career as his top focus. Compromise: “I just came to the realization that the very foundation of what relationships are wasn’t something that I was able/willing to do, and as a result made the decision to end things.” Dantes urged his followers to support and love Laura. Additionally, he expressed his gratitude for her “understanding” and effort-filled relationship:

“I will always be appreciative of the time and affection we spent together… I simply ask that you continue to be supportive of her going forward because she has always given her all in trying to understand me and get things worked out.”

On the other hand, it appears like a romantic relationship is developing between Twitch celebrity Félix “xQc” and streamer Aikobliss, as the two have made their relationship public. They were spotted together at the NHL Stanley Cup. It has even been said by Aikobliss that her friendship with the French-Canadian streamer is the “best” she has ever had.

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