Three People are Dead and Eleven Injured in an Arkansas Grocery Store Shooting


According to authorities, a shooting at the Mad Butcher grocery shop in Fordyce, south Arkansas, on Friday resulted in three fatalities and ten injuries. The gunman was shot by police, leaving him with serious injuries.

What Happened at Arkansas Grocery Store?

A shooting at a grocery store in Central Arkansas on Friday morning resulted in three fatalities and eleven injuries, according to the police.

At about 11:30 a.m., a gunman broke out at the Mad Butcher grocery store in Fordyce, according to a statement from the Arkansas State Police. Before being taken into custody, the shooter was shot by police and sustained injuries, according to the police.

The incident left eleven individuals injured, including two law enforcement personnel. The police officer’s wounds were not considered life-threatening. At a press conference, Arkansas State Police Director Mike Hagar declared that the gunman’s wounds were not considered life-threatening.

According to Mr. Hagar, the injuries sustained by the other victims ranged from non-life-threatening to “extremely critical.” It was unknown why the incident occurred.

The shooting suspect, Travis Eugene Posey, 44, of New Edinburg, a town 10 miles southeast of Fordyce, was named by the police on Friday night.

The police announced that Mr. Posey would face three counts of capital murder, adding that further charges were still pending. He was being detained in Ouachita County on accusations of murder and attempted murder, As per a prisoner registration for the county, which borders Dallas County, where the incident occurred.

Videos shared on social media showed gunshots coming from the parking lot, and the store’s glass had bullet holes in it. The shooter looked to be carrying a rifle.

David Rodriguez heard a few bursts that he mistook for fireworks while filling up his car at a nearby petrol station.

Then, there was an abrupt exchange of gunfire between the police and everyone else in the parking lot, according to Mr. Rodriguez, 58, of Kingsland, Arkansas, who was speaking in an interview. Before realizing he had to run, he pulled out his phone and began to record the gunshot.

Matt Gill was working his shift as a butcher in the Mad Butcher when he heard the pops.

“What’s that noise?” everyone asked. It stated 38-year-old Mr. Gill in an interview. “Ma’am, that’s shotgun,” I said. We must depart.

According to Mr. Gill, he led his colleagues out of the store’s rear, but a few clerks were separated as they ran.

On social media, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that she has received updates on the incident in Fordyce, an approximately 3,300-person community roughly 70 miles south of Little Rock, Arkansas.

She stated, “I am grateful to first responders and law enforcement for their swift and brave actions to save lives.”

In a statement, the White House stated that federal agents were supporting the investigation and that President Biden had received a briefing on the shooting.

Recent years have seen several shootings at retail establishments. A shooter at an El Paso Walmart in 2019 took 23 lives. A shooter in Boulder, Colorado, killed ten people in a grocery shop in 2021. A shooter in Buffalo, New York, killed ten people at a supermarket in 2022.

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