Police In Arkansas Apprehend A Quadruple Murder Suspect Following A Nearly Two-Day Manhunt


After almost two days on the run, the “armed and dangerous” suspect was apprehended on Thursday morning. He was charged with four murders, three of which occurred in Oklahoma and one in Alabama, along with several other offences.

The Arkansas State Police report that Stacy Lee Drake, 50, was taken into custody on Thursday morning at approximately 10 a.m.

The investigators say he was apprehended without problems after discovering him in a forested location near Morrilton, Arkansas.

The Arkansas State Police said that Drake was wanted about two distinct carjackings that resulted in three homicides in Oklahoma. Drake was also wanted about the deadly shooting of an AA volunteer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, last month, it was discovered after his arrest.

“Drake is separately wanted on multiple felony warrants from multiple jurisdictions, with charges including aggravated robbery, carjacking, and murder,” investigators said in a statement.

The search was aided by the Arkansas Division of Community Corrections, the Conway County Sheriff’s Office, the Arkansas State Police, the Morrilton Police Department, and the Arkansas National Guard.

On Wednesday, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation provided additional information regarding two of the Sequoyah County killings. Tuesday, police found a man and a woman dead inside a shop.

The victims’ identities were withheld for a while.

The medical examiner is currently determining the victims’ causes of death, but according to Oklahoma investigators, “both sustained injuries consistent with homicide.”

Authorities claim that Drake began his criminal spree in May.

Russell Andrews’ body was discovered in an Alcoholics Anonymous building on May 14. Capt. Jack Kennedy of the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Sheriff’s Office informed reporters Thursday afternoon that Drake was wanted in connection with Andrews’ death. Kennedy stated that Andrews was well-liked among AA members and had volunteered for many years.

Kennedy claimed that Drake was a vagrant who utilized the AA’s services to obtain food while he was in Tuscaloosa, approximately 57 miles southwest of Birmingham, for at least a week before the finding of Andrews’ death. Kennedy claims that Drake stole Andrews’ automobile and gave AA a false identity.

According to Kennedy, Drake had “an extensive criminal history,” including arrests for violent offences in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Alabama. He was a former federal prisoner.

“We don’t know if he’s responsible for other homicides but that is being looked into,” Kennedy stated.

Drake was last spotted by police on foot outside a motel in Morrilton, Arkansas, before his apprehension. A car that he was accused of stealing was discovered in Morrilton, Oklahoma, some 130 miles east of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, where the victims were discovered on Tuesday night, according to Oklahoma investigators.

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