On Finding A Missing Indiana Youngster, 5 Men Arrested & Accused Of Kidnapping


Five males were detained by law police in northeastern Missouri on suspicion of abducting a teenage girl from Cass County. Court filings state that just before two in the morning on June 17, Missouri State Highway Patrol officers were notified that a 14-year-old girl who had been reported missing from Cass County was the subject of an aggressive search. According to reports, the girl’s father saw the little child get into what turned out to be a black Dodge Durango with an unidentified licence plate. The father reported his daughter missing to the Logansport Police Department.

Safety Of A Child

Then, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office alerted troopers to the fact that the missing girl’s cell phone had pinged from a possible Texas-registered vehicle that was heading west on U.S. 36 close to Hannibal, Missouri. Soon after, a trooper in Macon County, Missouri, noticed an SUV that fit the description and started a traffic stop. The trooper apparently saw the missing kid during the stop, and while in the car’s backseat, she identified herself as a girl. After that, the trooper took the young girl out and put her inside the patrol car.

The following men were apprehended by the trooper with aid from the Macon Sheriff’s Office:
Arturo Eustaquio, Mexico
Carlos Funez, Honduras
Daniel Ruiz Lopez, Mexico
Marlon Aguilar, Honduras
Noe Guzman Hernandez, Mexico

After being taken to the Macon County Jail, all five of them are now legally accused of abduction and harming the safety of a child on felony counts. Authorities think the males were taking the young child to California, according to court filings.

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