Mayor Sheng Thao’s Home Raided: Know More Here


Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s residence was raided by federal authorities on Thursday morning, as reported by the Department of Justice, eyewitnesses, and local media. Amid a crime epidemic and financial difficulties facing the city, Thao is up for recall.

Around six in the morning, neighbours Maribel Sainez and POLITICO said that they heard FBI agents “banging” on the mayor’s door, startling the tranquil community of Oakland’s Lincoln Highlands.

Agents escorted Thao from her house, Sainez continued.

FBI San Francisco spokeswoman Cameron Polan said that the agency is engaged in “court-authorized law enforcement activity on Maiden Lane,” but she did not offer any other information. FBI agents remained present at Thao’s Maiden Lane residence as of 9:30 a.m.

What exactly provoked the raid is unknown. Requests for comments were not immediately answered by Thao or her team. Federal agents were present at Thao’s residence, as verified by the Department of Justice, which declined to say further.

The Oakland mayor has come under heavy fire in recent months due to the high crime rate in the city and the Oakland A’s baseball team’s departure. In November, a recall referendum will be held for her, as her opponents gathered enough signatures to be eligible for the ballot.

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