Jocelyn Nungaray Cause of Death: 12-Year-Old Texas Girl Found Slain in Creek


About the passing of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray, two men have been charged with capital murder. The 12-year-old girl Jocelyn Nungaray’s cause of death has been made public by the authorities. On June 17, her body was discovered in a Houston stream. In a news statement sent on June 21, Houston police stated that the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences had concluded Jocelyn’s cause of death was strangling.

About Jocelyn’s death, two suspects—Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26—have been charged with capital murder, according to a prior report from Channel. Houston police Lt. Stephen Hope named these.

The suspects were taken into custody on Thursday, June 20. It is unknown if they have arranged for representation by lawyers or accepted a plea.

At the time, Jocelyn was found dead in a shallow section of the creek, and police felt foul play had played a role in her murder. They thought Jocelyn had sneaked out of her house the night before. The location of her body’s discovery, according to the police, was only a short stroll from her home.

Jocelyn’s corpse was discovered early on Monday by a lady going about her regular morning commute, according to KRIV.

“It was frightening and horrifying,” Billie Jean Jackson told the television channel. Coming from a tiny town, nothing like this has ever occurred. Being a mother and grandma, I was afraid to find that.”

Two guys who remained unidentified and were deemed to be persons of interest were the subject of earlier statements from the police. Later on Thursday, June 20, at a news conference, Lt. Hope reaffirmed that the suspects presently being held are the same males.

Hope claims that on Sunday, June 16, after going to a nearby restaurant, the suspects were seen conversing with Jocelyn on security cameras. Soon after, the three of them strolled together to a convenience store and onto a bridge, where detectives think Jocelyn was killed.

Investigations are still ongoing on the victim’s and suspects’ relationship.

To pay for Jocelyn’s burial, her family required assistance, according to a GoFundMe established to “honor her memory, give her daughter the memorial she deserves, and say our last goodbyes.”

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