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A 43-year-old former US Customs and Border Protection officer entered a guilty plea to stealing money from foreign travellers while performing official responsibilities.

The officer was employed at Florida’s Naples Municipal Airport (APF), which is not used for commercial aviation. As a result, he began pilfering from private plane passengers. The officer stole at least $18,700 in cash from arriving passengers in 17 different occurrences between the middle of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

The officer was secretly stealing money from arriving foreign passengers during border enforcement inspections and currency verifications carried out as part of his official duties, according to evidence gathered by the CBP’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

One incident, for instance, occurred on May 24, 2023, when the police were inspecting a passenger arriving from the Bahamas and took $2,200 while counting cash. The passenger had quite a bit of cash, which the officer divided up into several piles and topped off with an immigration and customs form. Then he took the form with him, along with the money underneath it.

The event was reported by the passengers to the private jet pilot, who then got in touch with CBP, even though they didn’t report it to CBP right away. At that point, the aforementioned inquiry got underway, revealing a pattern of activity.

The officer has consented to an immediate resignation from his position and complete restitution to the victims of his theft as part of his plea deal. A sentencing date has not yet been established, but he now faces a maximum of ten years in federal prison.

It seems like a foolish crime to commit this way. Every profession will inevitably contain rotten apples, and the great majority of CBP personnel do not steal from travellers.

But this is the part that gets me. This sounds like an incredibly stupid method to take from people if you’re going to commit a crime. In my opinion, there is a very high risk and little payoff. He effectively took about $1,000 every time he committed a theft throughout all of these incidents.

His reasoning, I suppose, was presumably that, given their substantial wealth, he figured there wouldn’t be enough money for the individuals being taken advantage of to notice. But all it takes for your job to end and you to face jail time is for someone to notice. Is stealing a total of $1,000 at a time worth the chance of such a severe punishment?

Now, I’m not supporting any kind of criminal activity, but this seems like a very risky and unrewarding situation.

During normal inspections, a US Customs and Border Protection officer admitted to stealing cash from foreign travellers who were entering. Throughout at least 17 different instances, the officer stole at least $18,700 in total. He might now spend ten years behind bars.

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