Family speaks out after pregnant mother found dead in Columbia-area home


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Following the tragic passing of 31-year-old Chandreka Graham, her family has come forward to share their thoughts just days after she was found deceased in her home in northeast Richland County.

Chandreka’s father, Harold White from Tallahassee, Florida, expressed his deep sorrow upon receiving the heartbreaking news from the Richland County coroner. He recounted how the call informing him of her passing left him devastated, emphasizing that no parent should ever have to endure such a loss.

Chandreka’s stepmother, Cathy White, highlighted Chandreka’s profound love for motherhood, stating that she cherished being a mother above all else and excelled in that role. The family is further saddened by the fact that Chandreka was seven months pregnant with her first daughter, whom she had already named Tegan. Now, they are focusing on caring for Chandreka’s two-year-old son in the wake of this tragedy.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department recently announced the arrest of Chandreka’s husband, 35-year-old Jerrod Graham, for the murder of his wife and unborn child. Additionally, Jerrod faces prior charges related to unlawful possession of a weapon dating back to May 2023.

As the family prepares for Chandreka’s funeral, her grandmother, Yvonne Louden, emphasized the importance of unity and love within the family during such challenging times, highlighting their commitment to moving forward together with love and support.

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