Browns’ Lonnie Phelps Arrested For Crashing Into A Florida Restaurant


Lonnie Phelps, a defensive end with the Cleveland Browns, is accused by police of driving while intoxicated in South Florida shortly after he allegedly crashed an SUV against a Key West restaurant on Wednesday night. Online records show that Phelps, a resident of Cincinnati, was taken into custody at the Monroe County jail on Wednesday shortly after 9:45 p.m.

After playing collegiate football for Miami University in Ohio & the University of Kansas, the 23-year-old was authorised by the Browns as a free agent without being drafted in 2023. He has been a member of the practice squad and has not yet had an appearance in a regular-season game.

No One Was Hurt

According to Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS, the Browns released him after his arrest. The Red Shoe Island Bistro, located at 411 Petronia St., was entered by Phelps just before 9 p.m., as per the Key West Police Department. At that moment, authorities say, he was inside the Hyundai Tucson with a woman.

Both the structure and the car sustained severe damage, but no one was hurt, according to a statement throughout the KWPD Facebook page. There is a sizable hole in the restaurant’s side, as seen in a picture uploaded with the message. The aftermath was captured on camera, which Red Shoe Island Bistro shared on its Facebook page.

“The automobile that crashed through our restaurant tonight did not injure anyone. Fortunately, we were closed,” the message says. “It might have been far worse…Angels were keeping watch over everyone. Both Phelps and the lady he was with seemed to be intoxicated, according to the police report.

After the crash, witnesses claimed the two ended up with a fight, according to police reports. Phelps was described as “very agitated” and had “droopy eyelids, and watery, glassy, blood-shot eyes, with a strong odour of alcohol coming from his breath” by KWPD Officer Andrea Bernatova in the report.

An Attempt To Convince

At one point, she claimed, the NFL player “turned around, keeping his hands behind his back with no direction to do so.” He “kept throwing his hands in the air and rushing us to ‘do what we have to do.'” When questioned by the police over the crash, they claimed he was uncooperative. “Phelps replied that the crash happened and inquired as to what he was responsible for when I asked him to explain how it occurred.

When I asked Phelps from where he was coming, he replied, “Right in front of it,” according to Bernatova. Phelps consistently responded, “right in front of it,” when I posed the same questions four more times in different ways. Phelps also inquired about the object he collided with.

Later, he “kept rambling regarding his credit card” and told an officer that “he wishes to pay for any harm that he must compensate for and be done with it,” according to the police. According to the report, Phelps told the officer she “was tripping” and at one point said, “Just put the tape down so that I can walk the line such as a concussion test” during an attempt to convince her to do a field sobriety test.

As of Thursday at noon, according to online records, Phelps was still housed at the Key West detention facility operated by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. A misdemeanour charge of driving while intoxicated and causing property damage is being brought against him.

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