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Famous for his role as a child star in the comedy Step By Step in the 1990s, Brandon Call left the entertainment industry when the show ended. Step By Step, which debuted in 1991, centers on the turbulent Lambert and Foster family as they are brought together by the unexpected union of Frank (Patrick Duffy), a single father of three, and Carol (Suzanne Somers), a single mother of three. The show was a beloved 90s mainstay that fulfilled every stereotype of a classic sitcom and was a mainstay of ABC’s TGIF schedule for the entire decade.

Throughout all seven seasons of the show, Brandon Call, who co-starred as Frank’s oldest son J.T., demonstrated his star potential. The character drove many of the most poignant storylines in the show. Step By Step was the longest-running classic sitcom on ABC’s TGIF, partly because of the cast of eight people who inhabited the house.

Call in particular was allowed a lot of freedom, and viewers saw J.T. grow into a successful young adult who learned how to overcome obstacles such as his dyslexia diagnosis. Although the play went to a satisfactory conclusion, Brandon Call’s career as a rising star came to an end.

Brandon Call’s Acting Career

Even though Brandon Call’s relatively brief career came to an end with Step By Step, he was already a skilled actor when he got the J.T. role. In 1984, Call made his big screen debut as Fairfolk in the underappreciated Disney animated picture The Black Cauldron, following a few brief TV appearances. After making a few more cameos on TV series here and there, he eventually landed a 70-episode stint as Brandon Capwell on the serial opera Santa Barbara.

His Marriage

In the late 1980s, the youthful Brandon Call made a few cinematic appearances again in theaters. These included a brief cameo in the horror movie Warlock and playing Billy in the iconic Rutger Hauer picture Blind Fury.    Before Step By Step, Call starred as Hobie Buchanan in more than 20 episodes of Baywatch, a role that helped him become even more well-known.

Brandon Call played Zack in the short-lived Hulk Hogan series Thunder in Paradise, in addition to starring in the show that would make him famous. When Step By Step came to an end in 1998, Call’s career in show business came to an end. Call was shot six times during a drive-by road rage incident in September 1996, nearly killing the rising celebrity. Although the actor was lucky to escape, Lakin surmised that his terrifying experience in Hollywood might have soured him.

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