Arrest Made In Manhunt After Oklahoma Killings


Following a nearly two-day manhunt, a man who was connected to several killings in Oklahoma and Alabama was taken into custody on Thursday. According to the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, Stacy Lee Drake, 50, was apprehended without any problems at approximately 10 a.m. in a forested area south of an intersection in Morrilton, Arkansas.

Suspect Of Oklahoma Killings

In relation to the deaths of three individuals in Oklahoma and one in Alabama, he was sought after. Drake is wanted on further felony warrants from various jurisdictions, pertaining to allegations of aggravated robbery, carjacking, and murder. He is also wanted in connection with killings and carjackings that have occurred in Oklahoma.

After he was seen outside a motel in the city, the Arkansas Department of Public Safety issued a notice to locals in the Morrilton region, which is roughly 50 miles northwest of Little Rock. Authorities claimed on Wednesday that Drake was known to have bought camping equipment before his arrest, which suggested he was still in the region. Drake has a long criminal past, and police officials regarded him as dangerous and armed.

Murder In Sequoyah County

The community of Gans, located in Sequoyah County close to the Oklahoma–Arkansas state line, requested the aid of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in a homicide investigation. Around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, deputies from the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office responded to a complaint about two deceased people.

An adult male and female were discovered deceased inside a propane business by deputies when they arrived on the scene, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The agency stated in a court affidavit that the man and woman, identified as Tara Underwood and Taylor Sharp, had been shot to death. LaFerry’s Propane employed Sharp and Underwood.

Criminal History Of Drake

Drake was identified d as a subject of interest by the authorities after they saw the surveillance footage. He was seen in the video leaving the establishment in Underwood’s 2016 GMC Acadia, according to the affidavit. The car was eventually found late on Tuesday night in Morrilton.

In El Reno, a city west of Oklahoma City, Drake is suspected as well of killing a man. Drake was named as a suspect in a June 14 homicide, the El Reno Police Department stated right away his arrest on Thursday. The 56-year-old Phillip Emerson was discovered dead at a house, and the suspect believed his car to be stolen.

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