A 17 -Year-Old Has Been Taken Into Custody In Relation To The Two-Person Juneteenth Shooting In Round Rock


In relation to the Juneteenth celebration mass shooting in Round Rock, Texas, which left two women dead and fourteen injured, Ricky Thompson III has been taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault. However, the police have stated that their investigation is still ongoing and they are still looking for further suspects. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office provided the photo.

A 17-year-old suspect in the Juneteenth celebration mass shooting that left two ladies dead and fourteen others injured has been taken into custody by Round Rock police. Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks announced at a press conference that Ricky Thompson III, 17, of Manor, was taken into custody by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Thursday.

There Was Gunshots

A second-degree felony of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon has been brought against Thompson. “We know Ricky Thompson was not the only shooter at this event,” Banks stated. “We are still looking for other suspects.” Hundreds of people were present for a Juneteenth celebration at Old Settlers Park on Saturday night when the shooting took place.

According to police, there was a fight at the gathering between two groups, which is why there was gunshots. Two mothers from the Round Rock region, Lyndsey Vicknair, 33, and Ara Duke, 52, were killed in the incident. Fourteen additional individuals were shot and sent to nearby hospitals with gunshot wounds.

Banks stated that although Thompson was not charged with murder, there was still room for charges to be upgraded in the event that the investigation yielded new information. “We have a lot of evidence, a lot of case work to continue to do to make sure that we are getting the justice for these families that they deserve,” Banks stated.

“We are going to continue to work hard to make sure that we get a resolve, this case, for the families, the victims and this community.” The person who would prosecute these allegations, Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick, did not converse with reporters during the press conference on Thursday morning, but he stood by Banks.

Greg Fremin, a retired Houston Police captain, told CBS Austin that “you have to prove intent and that he acted with deliberation and malice in order to be able to prove the intent of murder.” “It was something he meant to do; it wasn’t an accident or self-defense.”

When asked if he thought Thompson was to blame for the gunfire fired on Saturday that killed Vicknair and Duke, Banks just responded that the shooting will be looked into further. He declared that he was “not going to compromise the integrity of this investigation, not for you” in remarks made to reporters on Thursday morning. As of Thursday morning, the police also had no additional suspects or descriptions of suspects that they could provide to reporters.

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