Who Is Donald Sutherland’s Wife? Get to know Francine Racette, the Late Actor’s Wife


In 1972, Donald Sutherland and Francine Racette tied the knot. Before his death on June 20, 2024, Donald Sutherland had been married to his wife for more than 50 years. According to his representative, the Hunger Games star died in Miami at 88 following a protracted illness. The actor’s five children, Kiefer, Rachel, Roeg, Rossif, and Angus, and his wife, Francine Racette, survived him.

Who Is Donald Sutherland?

There were more actors in Donald Sutherland’s family. The “Hunger Games” star, who passed away on June 20 at the age of 88, had five children, most of whom pursued careers in entertainment after him.

Francine Racette, 76, is an actress and Donald’s spouse. They came together while working on the 1974 movie “Alien Thunder.” Kiefer Sutherland, an actor who is 57 years old, revealed his father’s passing on social media.

“One of the most significant actors in cinema history, in my opinion,” Kiefer tweeted. He was never scared of a part, whether big or small. One can never ask for more than that—he did what he loved and enjoyed what he did. a life well-lived. Donald’s devoted wife and kids will carry on his legacy. This is all the information you require on his family.

Who Is Donald Sutherland’s Wife?

When Donald passed away, they had been married for 52 years. She was the third wife he had. Before that, he married actress Shirley Douglas from 1966 to 1970 and Lois Hardwick from 1959 to 1966. He welcomed his three other children with Racette and his two oldest children with Douglas. On the set of “Alien Thunder,” Donald and Racette, who were co-stars, fell in love. In 1972, they tied the knot.

The Canadian actress Racette is well-known for her parts in the films “Au Revoir les enfants,” “Lumière,” and “The Disappearance.” She gave up performing in 1980. In a 2005 interview, Donald raved over his wife to the Guardian.

“I had everything to blame. I was such an idiot. However, he said, “I suppose that justifies my faults since, had I not made the mistakes I did, I never would have met the amazing woman I have been married to for more than 30 years.”

In a follow-up interview with the Guardian three years later, the “Six Degrees of Separation” actor was questioned about how he ended up with Racette.

Kiefer Sutherland:

Donald’s eldest and most famous kid is Kiefer. His most well-known role was Jack Bauer in the FOX series “24,” which aired from 2001 to 2010 before making a brief comeback in 2014. For his performance, Kiefer received an Emmy Screen Actors Guild Award.

From 2016 to 2019, he starred in the well-liked political thriller series “Designated Survivor.” The Bay Boy, Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, A Few Good Men, A Time to Kill, and They Cloned Tyrone are a few of his films. Having grown up with his mother after her divorce from Donald, Kiefer never had a close relationship with his father.

Regarding their relationship, he told PEOPLE in 2016 that there will always be a time when the younger lion wants to challenge the elder one, and then there will always be when the older lion needs the younger lion’s assistance.

The same year, Donald and Kiefer collaborated on the movie “Forsaken.”

At the time, Kiefer told PEOPLE, “I have wanted to work with him for 30 years.” As a son, I recall feeling awful that I was ignorant of my father’s significant contributions to the film industry and his fame as an actor.

According to Donald, working with his eldest son was “terrific,” and Kiefer is a “wonderful actor.”

In an interview from 2022, Kiefer talked about his father’s relationship again.

“Even though I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like to, I still love him,” he declared. “COVID hasn’t helped, and we haven’t lived in the same place.”

“I’m so proud to have him as my father,” Kiefer continued. My mother and I have a particular gap because of our upbringing. However, I want to win his approval and make him proud.

The 36-year-old actress Sarah Sutherland is the actor from “24” ‘and daughter from his previous marriage to Camelia Kath. In the 1990s, he had a brief engagement with Julia Roberts.

Rachel Sutherland:

Kiefer’s twin sister Rachel Sutherland,57, is iDonald’s sole child. Although she did not pursue an acting career like her twin brother, Rachel entered the entertainment field.

She has experience as a production manager on television programs, includin” “Law and Order Toronto: Criminal Inten”,” “Rookie Blu”,” an” “The Kennedy”,” according to her IMDb. In 2018, Kiefer revealed to the Guardian that he and Rachel are” “incredibly close”.”

He added” “Having a twin taught me the value of having a companion.” Every time I had an experience, I could turn to my left and talk about it.” “My gosh, you had two simultaneous,” I commented to my mother during my first pregnancy. Oh, honey, that was okay, she said. When you were two, you were taking care of one another. My favorite thing about her was how she always seemed to have a bargain.

Roeg Sutherland:

The 50-year-old Roeg Sutherland is iDonald’s firstborn kid from his union with Racette. He works as a producer and talent agent. He is employed at Creative Artists Agency as a Media Finance executive. Roeg talked about how the strikes by actors and writers affected the film and television industries in October last year.

He told Deadline” “There was a very healthy market for it. In terms of the media finance business, a lot of it falls back on independent films, getting IAs, and selling movies”.” There are a lot of possibilities there since distributors and buyers are more eager than ever to get involved with projects as soon as feasible. Nevertheless, since we haven’t had a much healthier ecology in a while, we would like to live on that planet.

Rossif Sutherland:

Donald’s third son is 45-year-old Rossif Sutherland. After standing in for another Princeton University student in a film, he decided to pursue a career in acting.

In 2013, Rossif told The Post” “I was always amazed by my father’s accomplishments, but I never really had an interest in being an ac.”r.” While I was aware of his skill, I had never considered doing it as something I desired or could do. I was acting to be limited to not wanting to be other people. He also discussed how his father had inspired him to become an actor.

I was flattered that he felt I belonged in his other life and what he did when he left. You know how he welcomed me to his club”?” he asked.

Rossif has starred in several popular television series, such a” “E”,” “Mon”,” “Reig”,” “Covert Affair”,” “The Expans”,” an” “ThHandmaid’s’s Tal”.” River, Edge of Winter, A Call to Spy, Possessor, and Orphan: First Kill are just a few of the movies he has acted in

Angus Sutherland:

Donal Sutherland’s youngest kid is 41-year-old Angus. His filmography includes appearances in the following” “Undefeate”,” “November Criminal”,” “Kidna”,” “Familiar Stranger”,” an” “191”.” In addition, he has produced films in Hollywood.

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