Travis Scott is being Held in Florida on Allegations of Intoxication with Disorder


On Thursday, June 20, was Travis Scott’s arrest date, based on public documents. Following a warning, the 33-year-old rapper—real name Jacques Bermon Webster II—was arrested for disorderly intoxication and trespassing on a property in Miami-Dade County, Florida, at 4:35 a.m. local time.

A $650 bail was required for both; $500 was for the other charge, and $150 was for the drunkenness charges. Documents indicate that the bail has been submitted on Thursday.

Arrest of Travis Scott:

The rapper then acknowledged he had been drinking and said, “It’s Miami,” after being charged with trespassing and disorderly drunkenness.

According to a police complaint, famous rapper Travis Scott was taken into custody early on Thursday in Miami Beach, Florida, for raising a commotion aboard a yacht that was parked at a harbor. According to local news, he was eventually freed on bail after paying $650 on both counts.

Jacques Bermon Webster II, also known as Mr. Scott, 33, was taken into custody at 1:44 a.m. on trespassing and disorderly drunkenness charges after the police were notified that “people were fighting on the vessel” at the marina, according to the report.

Officers discovered Mr. Scott shouting at shipboard passengers when they arrived. According to the report, Mr. Scott was walking backward. He shouted obscenities when the police escorted him down a pier and toward a boardwalk because they “could sense a strong smell of alcohol coming from the defendant’s breath.”

According to the report, despite the authorities’ orders to leave the area, Mr. Scott entered a waiting car and started strolling back to the boat. Then someone took him into custody.

Later on, Mr. Scott reportedly acknowledged that he had been consuming alcohol “and stated, ‘It’s Miami.'”

Mr. Scott shared a photograph of himself from his mug shot on social media on Thursday that seemed to have been altered, adding earbuds and sunglasses. The rapper’s representative remained silent.

Travis Scott: Who was He?

With three No. 1 albums under his belt and a recent stadium tour, Mr. Scott is one of the most well-known rappers in the industry today. Crowds at his gigs are known to react with tremendous vigor, and in late 2021, ten admirers lost their lives in a crush at Mr. Scott’s Astroworld event in Houston, the performer’s hometown.

Last year, a grand jury decided not to bring criminal charges against Mr. Scott and other event organizers. However, he and other parties have been hit with legal lawsuits over those fatalities, including Apple, which live-streamed the event, and Live Nation, the festival’s producer. All except one of those ten civil lawsuits have been resolved.

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