Suspect in 3 Killings Is Arrested in Arkansas After Manhunt


In Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, the guy, Stacy Lee Drake, 50, is charged with two counts of murder and one count of robbery. He is also accused of murder in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Stacy Lee Drake was taken into Custody:

Following a two-day search, a guy with a lengthy criminal past who was wanted about at least three killings—two in Oklahoma and one in Alabama—was apprehended in Arkansas early on Thursday morning, according to the authorities.

According to a statement from the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, the 50-year-old guy, identified as Stacy Lee Drake, was apprehended “without incident” following his discovery in a forested region in the central Arkansas town of Morrilton. According to the authorities, warrants had been filed accusing Mr. Drake of two deaths in Oklahoma this week as well as the May death of a man in Alabama.

According to the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, Mr. Drake was also sought on several felony warrants from various jurisdictions, including ones accusing him of carjacking and aggravated robbery. On Thursday, he was being detained at the Conway County Detention Facility. There was no established reason for the murders. It was unclear if the counsel represented Mr. Drake.

“What made him turn into someone who kills and abuses others with violence? At a press conference on Thursday, Capt. Jack Kennedy, the head of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office’s violent crimes division in Alabama, told reporters, “I don’t know.”

As per a statement issued by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Inquiry on Wednesday, a man and a woman were discovered deceased at a propane business in Gans, Oklahoma, on Tuesday. Gans is located in the eastern portion of the state. Court documents state that Tara Underwood and Taylor Sharp, the man and woman, were shot and killed.

Upon reviewing security footage, investigators determined that Mr. Drake was a person of interest in the deaths. According to court documents, he was observed on camera driving Ms. Underwood’s GMC Acadia out of the establishment.

Later, court documents state that the police discovered her S.U.V. outside a Motel 6 in Morrilton, Ark., approximately 120 miles east of Gans, Okla.

Authorities in Arkansas alerted the public that Mr. Drake was “believed to be armed and dangerous” before he was located. The authorities said that he had purchased camping gear.

Additionally, Mr. Drake was linked to the May 14 manslaughter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Captain Kennedy said on Thursday. According to Captain Kennedy, the guy, Russell Andrews, was discovered shot to death inside a downtown Tuscaloosa facility that serves as an AA program.

According to Captain Kennedy, Mr. Andrews’ car was taken a few hours after he was slain and was subsequently seen on an Interstate highway close to the border between Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Captain Kennedy stated that Mr. Andrews had volunteered at the A.A. facility for a long time and that it was unknown why someone would have killed him.

“There were no negative remarks about him,” Captain Kennedy stated. “Not a violent bone was in his body.”

Captain Kennedy stated that Mr. Drake had been in Tuscaloosa for a week or two before Mr. Andrews’ death and described him as “a transient” with no permanent address or job history.

Captain Kennedy stated, “He was using a false name and maybe dressing differently, like wearing hats and glasses, when he was in Tuscaloosa.” “It seems he was living this kind of lifestyle, using fictitious identities, across the nation to avoid going to jail.”

Captain Kennedy stated that there was a chance Mr. Drake was possibly accountable for a fourth murder.

Because of his lifestyle, Captain Kennedy stated, “I would not be surprised if there are other homicides out there that are unsolved in other jurisdictions.” According to Captain Kennedy, Mr. Drake has an “extensive” criminal past spanning many states, including robberies, carjackings, and kidnappings.

Captain Kennedy remarked, “If you look at his criminal history, you can see that he was always getting more violent.”

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