Woman allegedly stabs boyfriend who stayed out too long


Paris Gaddy, 20, faces charges of Aggravated Assault for allegedly attacking her boyfriend with a knife after he was away from their apartment for 12 hours, according to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Gaddy’s bond is set at $15,000. The incident occurred at the Easton Apartment Homes in Millington. The boyfriend reported that upon his return, Gaddy, upset about his prolonged absence, confronted him with a kitchen knife, resulting in a physical altercation where he was cut on his left arm.

While the boyfriend claimed Gaddy pursued him with the knife, Gaddy stated she grabbed the knife because she believed her boyfriend was armed.

Conflicting accounts arose regarding the events that unfolded, with a witness providing videos that showed the boyfriend with a gun and engaging in physical actions against Gaddy.

The situation remains under investigation by the authorities to determine the sequence of events accurately.

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