Triple Murder Suspect On The Loose: Know More Here


An Alabama man is wanted by the Arkansas State Police (ASP) for three murders in Oklahoma and numerous other offences. ASP is searching for him as of Wednesday.

About an hour’s journey northwest of Little Rock, Morrilton, Arkansas, was where Stacy Lee Drake, 50, was last seen outside a motel. He’s thought to be “armed and dangerous,” according to ASP.

According to ASP later on Wednesday, Drake is “known to have purchased camping gear and all indications are he is still in the Morrilton area.”

According to ASP, Drake is wanted about three killings that occurred in Oklahoma as a result of two carjackings.

When Oklahoman deputies from the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office rushed to a business Tuesday night along State Highway 64 and South 4670 Road, they discovered a deceased male and girl.

To identify them and ascertain the cause of their deaths, both individuals were taken to the Office of the Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner.

The sheriff’s office contacted the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) to provide help.

After starting its investigation, OSBI determined that Drake was a person of interest. Although Drake’s stolen vehicle was discovered near Morrilton late on Tuesday, the bureau reported that detectives are still searching for him.

Drake is wanted on separate counts of murder, carjacking, and robbery for acts that occurred in different jurisdictions.

Drake is a 5-foot-11-inch White man with brown eyes and hair who weighs about 185 pounds. Birmingham, Alabama was the last known address for him.

Anyone who witnesses Drake is urged by ASP not to approach him and to dial 911 instead.

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