The KSP is Still Looking for the “Armed and Dangerous” Man


Police last saw a wanted South Carolina man in central Kentucky. They are still looking for him. Authorities have discovered his female collaborator, and a resident of Cynthiana, vows to do everything it takes to keep his family safe.

Logan Miller and his spouse resided on the East Coast before relocating to Cynthiana, Kentucky, in February 2024, where they spent their whole lives.

The Millers purchased many acres to construct a permanent house, farm, and care for their horses.

Miller explained, “We came down from up north and moved out here to escape the weather up north.” We enjoy the quiet, charming rural community.

That is, until yesterday, when the Kentucky State Police and U.S. Marshals declared they were looking for Nathan Ginter, 43, of South Carolina. In Cynthiana, Ginter was last seen camped out on a farmer’s property beside Riley Pearson, his female accomplice.

Ginter was found guilty of both unlawful conducts with a child and failing to appear in court. “Ginter tortured his young child using waterboarding and using a taser,” according to his warrant. He is regarded as dangerous and armed.

“Planes and helicopters are flying in circles. They started circling late Tuesday morning for about four hours, according to Miller, who says it was disturbing. “I went online and looked it up, and sure enough, there’s a wanted fugitive out of South Carolina,” Miller says. This was nerve-wracking. I can assure you that we will take care of everyone who happens to be on our property.”

Because there are so many outbuildings in the neighborhood, Miller says he always keeps an eye out and checks a few of them to make sure no one is camped out.

You have to sort of fend for yourself out here. You realize that 911 is not always around. In three minutes, 911 still hasn’t arrived. According to Miller, you must be ready since a lot may happen in three to five minutes.

Avoid approaching Ginter if you believe you have seen him. Make an instant call to the U.S. Marshals or your local police station.

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