The Governor Of New Jersey Announces A Clemency Program To Allow Some Criminals To Request Early Release From Jail


On Wednesday, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey unveiled a historic clemency plan. A few young, nonviolent offenders, victims of domestic abuse, and others will be able to apply to be released from jail early under the new program.

Supporters said that the program’s goals are to address mass imprisonment, racial injustice, and parole regulations that make it challenging for inmates to start over after release from jail. Murphy will receive recommendations on pardons and commutations from a clemency board after it has reviewed the requests.

Which cases could be given priority consideration for pardons?

convictions that are not violent if the offender has avoided contact with the legal system for a “sufficient amount of time.” those incarcerated for terms that excessively penalize their trials. victims of sexual or domestic abuse who are behind bars for offenses committed against their abusers.

At the Saint James A.M.E. Church in Newark, Murphy gave the order. He emphasized the importance of making this announcement on Juneteenth and stated that it is a commitment to make these choices responsibly and with equity in mind.

Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin declared, “In New Jersey, we believe in second chances and giving our residents every opportunity to succeed.” “Governor Murphy’s creation of a Clemency Advisory Board and plan to ensure expedited consideration for a large number of worthy applicants demonstrates this administration’s commitment to those principles.”

According to Corrections Commissioner Victoria Kuhn, “clemency offers a chance for individuals to accept responsibility for their actions and to learn, grow, and become contributing members of society once again.”

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