Texas Governor Issues Disaster Declaration Due To Tropical Storm Alberto


In anticipation of the first tropical storm of the year, which is expected to arrive in nearby northern Mexico on Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency for the southern portions of the state. The National Weather Service (NWS) cautioned that Tropical Storm Alberto is expected to bring strong winds and rain to South Texas in the next several days, along with the possibility of flooding along most of the Gulf Coast.

Awareness To People Of Texas For Tropical Storm Alberto

According to Abbott, the state has allocated substantial resources to get folks ready for the storm, and he urged Texans to be aware of any changes in the weather. The storm, which the NWS reported had wind gusts of roughly 40 mph as of Wednesday afternoon, is expected to make landfall early on Thursday, just south of the border between the United States and Mexico. The Hurricane Prediction Center predicts that major Texas cities may receive up to 5 inches of rain, which could result in severe floods.

Danger Level Of Tropical Storm Alberto

There is a good chance that South Texas will see flash floods in the storm’s wake. The storm was expected to make landfall in Mexico early on Thursday morning, according to the National Weather Service, with effects that would stretch north of its center of circulation into southern Texas.

Alberto is a very massive storm that is predicted to cause wind, rainfall, and coastal flooding along the beaches of northeastern Mexico and Texas, far from the core. The NWS issued a warning on Wednesday night about potential flooding, heavy rain, and winds and surges equivalent to those of a tropical storm.

Rainfall Due To Tropical Storm Alberto

Currently, there is moderate coastal flooding happening throughout the Texas and Louisiana coastline. It has been reported that there have been multiple instances of flooding from High Island to the Matagorda Ship Channel.

Due to flood and debris, several roads are now unusable. It was predicted that South Texas would receive five to ten inches of rain, and that coastal flooding along the coast would likely be moderate through Thursday. Coastal flood advisories will still be in place.

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