Nancy MacKenzie Dies: Voice of Marge Simpson is No More


Nancy MacKenzie, a voice actor most recognized for translating Marge Simpson’s lines from The Simpsons into Spanish for viewers in Latin America, passed away. She was eighty-one.

MacKenzie provided the voice for the animated character’s first fifteen seasons in Latin America. Her previous co-stars announced the news of her passing on social media.

Nancy MacKenzie Cause of Death:

The actress Nancy MacKenzie, who voiced Marge Simpson in the Latin American dubbing of The Simpson, has away. The voice actor, a Mexican-Peruvian, was 81 years old.

Throughout his lengthy and distinguished career, MacKenzie voiced hundreds of characters in TV shows and movies, including Trinity in The Matrix.

Patricia Acevedo and Claudia Motta, the actresses who portrayed Lisa and Bart in the Latin American adaptation of The Simpsons, shared the news of her passing on social media.

“The Simpson children, Lisa and Bart, announce the passing of our cherished mother, Marge Simpson (Nancy MacKenzie), with deep sadness. We shall never forget you, Acevedo, said on Instagram. Rest in peace.

Throughout the first fifteen seasons of the animated series, Nancy MacKenzie provided Marge Simpson’s voiceover in Spanish for Latin America. Humberto Velez, the actor who played Homer, also gave MacKenzie a nod.

“We worked and traveled together for a long time—a lifetime. I celebrate your love of life, of being free and enjoying it to the fullest, even though your departure deeply saddens me,” he said on X.

Nancy MacKenzie: Who was She?

Originally from Peru, MacKenzie relocated to Mexico in her 20s to pursue a career as a theater and television actor. She starred in several Mexican soap operas throughout her more than 50-year career.

She also provided the voices for well-known actors, such as Judi Dench, Sigourney Weaver, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler.

Her voice acting of cartoon characters in Spanish, such as Cruella de Vil from Disney, Daphne from The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Do, and Sailor Galaxia from Sailor Moon, made her most well-known.

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