Matt Gaetz Investigation: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Interviews with multiple women who testified during the Justice Department sex trafficking probe of Representative Matt Gaetz have been carried out behind closed doors by House Ethics Committee investigators. At least six women have been questioned by investigators about their alleged attendance at parties attended by the Florida lawmaker and paid for by Joel Greenberg, a close friend of Gaetz.

Interviews Of The Victims

Sources claimed that during the previously undisclosed interviews, certain witnesses were given Venmo payments they purportedly got from Gaetz and questioned about whether or not such payments were related to sexual acts. The sources claim that while some witnesses have complied with the committee’s subpoena, others have not.

Some women have claimed they got paid to attend parties that contained drugs and sex and that Gaetz also went. One woman, whose identity ABC News is withholding, told the committee that she received a payment from Gaetz specifically for sex.

Investigation On Matt Gaetz

Earlier this year, the committee sent a subpoena to the Justice Department for documents pertaining to its investigation into the Florida lawmaker. Still, sources claimed that the department has refused to provide the data. However, the committee served the business with a subpoena and was able to collect Gaetz’s Venmo records.

Venmo records from Greenberg, who, per his plea deal, used his bank account to make payments for commercial sex acts with women whom he also referred to others, were a major focus of the DOJ’s investigation into Gaetz. The group that is getting the data of Gaetz may be able to help congressional investigators by offering a payment schedule for the lawmaker that he may have made throughout his friendship with Greenberg.

All About Greenberg

After entering a guilty plea to several federal charges, which includes the sex trafficking of a juvenile, whom he acknowledged bringing to other adult men who had intercourse with her while she was underage, Greenberg was sentenced to eleven years in prison.

Before deciding not to press charges against Gaetz in 2023, Justice Department agents spent years investigating whether Gaetz was one of the individuals Greenberg introduced the kid to. Greenberg is assisting the House Ethics Committee’s investigation of the Florida lawmaker, having provided the Justice Department with substantial cooperation during its own investigation.

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