SSI Second Payment June 2024: Check Latest Direct Deposit Dates & Eligibility


SSI benefits are normally disbursed on the first of every month, year-round. Many inhabitants of the United States are looking forward to receiving their June 2024 SSI Second Payment. It is extremely unusual for the SSA to start SSI payments early or to send out two payments in a single month for the same program. All year long, SSI benefits are usually disbursed on the first of the month, and many inhabitants of the United States look forward to receiving their checks. Very seldom does this occur each year, but in 2024 the two SSI payments are scheduled to be released twice a year, in May and December.

Because January 1st is always honored as a federal holiday, the same thing happens in December every year. As a result, SSI benefits for the month of January are normally awarded one day ahead of schedule, as stated in the official payment schedule made available by the Social Security Administration on their official website,

SSI Eligibility June 2024

Any retired person who is 65 years of age or older who resides in the United States with a disability impairment. Social Security benefits are usually started on three different days, although only SSI benefits are paid out on the first of every month for the whole year. In order to be eligible, a person needs to have a list of sources that doesn’t go over $2000, and couples can’t go over $3000.

A person who dwells permanently inside the borders of the United States of America and has little to no income is deemed to be eligible. Any person with a handicap who satisfies all eligibility conditions, regardless of age, and who is an adult.

SSI Payment Dates June 2024

Social Security benefits are typically disbursed on the first of each month, year-round. Likewise, June 1, 2024 was designated as the release date for the June 2024 SSI benefits. But because this is a Saturday, the government chose to issue the June SSI benefits one day early, on May 31, 2024. Everyone must be aware that benefits are released one day early if the date of the SSI or other Social Security payment program falls on a weekend or holiday. The SSI payments for the current year 2024 are available at, the SSA’s official internet portal.

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