Why ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 Premiere Killed Off [SPOILER] in ‘Blood and Cheese’ Scene and How It’s Different From the Boo


Wrapping up Season 1 with the tragic death of Rhaenyra Targaryen’s son Lucerys Velaryon was a shocking turn of events. The beginning of Season 2 in “House of the Dragon” delves into a series of grief-stricken decisions and dark schemes that culminate in the brutal murder of another child, Jaehaerys Targaryen, who happens to be the grandson of Alicent Hightower.

In a heart-wrenching twist, the young Jaehaerys, son of King Aegon II and Queen Helaena, meets a cruel fate at the hands of two individuals known as “Blood and Cheese.”

These men, acting on orders from Daemon Targaryen, mistakenly target Jaehaerys instead of their intended victim, Aemond Targaryen. The tragic event unfolds as they confront Queen Helaena, demanding to know which of her sleeping twins is the male child, believing it to be a form of retribution. Helaena, in a harrowing moment, points to her son, leading to the devastating outcome.

The intricate details of this sorrowful incident, involving Blood and Cheese, present a stark deviation from the events depicted in George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood.”

The rich tapestry of narratives within the Targaryen family history, as portrayed in the source material for “House of the Dragon,” showcases the complex and often brutal realities of power struggles and vengeance within the realm of Westeros.

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