George Strait breaks US concert attendance record in Texas


George Strait, known as the “king of country music,” has now earned the title of the “king of concerts.”

Strait made history by breaking the record for the largest ticketed show in the U.S. at Kyle Field in Texas A&M, College Station.

The iconic “Amarillo By Morning” singer performed for an impressive crowd of 110,905 fans in south Texas, surpassing the previous attendance record set by the Grateful Dead almost five decades ago.

In a moment of connection with his audience, Strait expressed his excitement at being at Kyle Field for the first time and jokingly asked to be invited back for more performances.

Before the show, he took to X (formerly Twitter) to advise his fans to arrive early and stay hydrated for an unforgettable experience. Even Texas Governor Greg Abbott was present to witness Strait debut two new songs from his upcoming album, “Cowboys and Dreamers,” and praised the concert as an unforgettable event in music history.

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