As Pasco Deputies Look for a Missing Family Member 4, they Discover Human Remains


A family of four, comprising two children aged five and six, went missing last week. Following a search of a Hudson, Florida, home, law enforcement investigators discovered human bones, leading them to believe the family was dead. First-degree murder charges have been brought against the property’s 25-year-old owner, Rory Atwood, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

What Was the Status of the Hudson Missing Family?

A mother, a father, and two children, aged five and six, are missing. In this instance, a guy is accused of murder. While they continue to look for a family of four that has been missing since early Thursday morning, Pasco deputies say they have discovered human remains on a property near Hudson and have made an arrest.

At a press conference on Saturday, Sheriff Chris Nocco stated, “At this point, we do not know who those human remains are.” However, investigators think the family may have passed away.

Nocco declared, “The missing person case will stay open until everyone is identified.”

Rain Mancini, 26, Phillip Zilliot II, 25, Karma Zilliot, 6, and Phillip Zilliot III, 5, have been sought after by deputies.

According to Nocco, Rory Atwood, 25, is charged with first-degree murder about the crime. According to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, Atwood resides on the Nottingham Trail property where the bodies were discovered. According to the sheriff, Atwood is currently under suspicion for John Doe’s death.

Late on Saturday, Nocco described a case that deputies were still attempting to complete.

The sheriff claimed that Mancini and the older Zilliot were drinking with Atwood on Wednesday night at the house. Their kids, daughter, and Mancini’s buddy were present.

Mancini’s buddy said that the couple and Atwood got into a fight, according to Nocco. The companion claimed to have heard someone indicate that Atwood had previously pulled a pistol on them before they left.

According to Nocco, Atwood contacted a buddy at around two in the morning on Thursday, sounding panicked and claiming to have shot someone. Investigators stated that he dropped off his kid with the child’s mother later on Thursday morning.

It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon, according to Nocco, that the sheriff’s office received word of any issue from a tipster claiming that Atwood may have killed someone. According to him, when deputies started their investigation and patrolled the property, they discovered nothing unusual.

Authorities discovered on Friday that Mancini, Zilliot, and the children had not been in contact with their families. According to the sheriff, the family did not have permanent housing and traveled a lot. He said they may have shared a residence with Atwood at one point. The remains were discovered during a second dog search of the property by deputies, who then handed them over to the medical examiner’s office for identification, according to Nocco.

According to Pasco Sgt, investigators were still combing through the roughly 10-acre property on Saturday. Michael Rosa.

More information on the case was not immediately made public by the authorities. Anyone who knows what transpired is requested to report tips at or call the sheriff’s office at 727-847-8102, option 7.

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