American tourist found dead near Greek Island of Corfu; Search is ongoing for another U.S. traveler


In a tragic turn of events, an American vacationer was found deceased near the Greek island of Corfu on Sunday, in step with local media reports. This unfortunate incident provides to a chain of new instances concerning vacationers who’ve both died or gone lacking within the Greek islands.

Discovery of the Body

The deceased guy became observed in the sea close to the antique port of Mathraki with the aid of some other traveller, who right away informed the police, as said by way of AFP and neighborhood media. The American visitor were pronounced missing on Thursday. He turned into ultimate visible alive on Tuesday at a restaurant, accompanied via woman tourists who have due to the fact left the island, in step with The Associated Press.

Background and Context

The Athens News Agency mentioned that the American visitor become on holiday in Mathraki with a Greek-American friend. However, no further details about the sufferer, which include his call or hometown, were released. Mathraki is a small, heavily-wooded island with a population of just a hundred, masking an area of 1.2 square miles. It lies west of the greater famous island of Corfu.

Recent Tourist Deaths in Greece

The man’s demise marks the 1/3 such incident in latest days on Greece’s islands. Dr. Michael Mosley, a cited British TV anchor and author, become determined dead on the island of Symi the preceding Sunday. A coroner concluded that Mosley had died the previous Wednesday after hiking over hard, rocky terrain. Symi is placed very close to the Turkish coast.

Another incident concerned a lacking Dutch traveller who was discovered lifeless early Saturday at the jap island of Samos. The 74 year old Dutch guy’s body become discovered by a Fire Service drone, lying face down in a ravine approximately 330 yards from in which he became closing seen on Sunday, suffering in the extreme warmth.

Ongoing Search Efforts

Authorities are nevertheless looking for 3 humans suggested lacking on various Greek islands inside the past few days, such as an American.

One of the lacking individuals is 59-yr-old Albert Calibet, a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy from Hermosa Beach, California. Calibet went lacking on Tuesday after embarking on a solo hike in particularly warm conditions on the island of Amorgos. The Greek missing individuals alert program has issued a observe regarding Calibet’s case, and the U.S. State Department has stated that they’re aware of his disappearance and are running closely with local government to assist seek efforts.

Additionally, French travelers had been suggested missing on Friday on Sikinos, a highly secluded island within the Cyclades with fewer than four hundred permanent citizens. The girls, elderly seventy three and sixty four, had left their respective inns to satisfy but have not been visible considering that.

The recent string of visitor deaths and disappearances within the Greek islands highlights the ability risks that could rise up even in seemingly idyllic excursion destinations. The situations surrounding these incidents vary, but they collectively underscore the significance of safety precautions and cognizance while journeying, specifically in far flung or hard environments.

The Greek government, alongside worldwide our bodies and neighborhood communities, hold their efforts to locate the lacking individuals and inspect the reasons of those tragic deaths. The wish is to provide closure to the households affected and to implement measures which can prevent comparable occurrences in the destiny.


What are the not unusual causes of visitor deaths inside the Greek islands?

Tourist deaths inside the Greek islands can result from a selection of factors, along with accidents at some point of outdoor activities like hiking, warmness exhaustion, drowning, and every so often unexpected scientific situations.

How can tourists live safe whilst traveling faraway regions of the Greek islands?

Tourists need to stay informed about the local conditions, convey sufficient water, put on suitable clothing and shoes, avoid hiking on my own, and inform a person of their plans before heading out.

What measures are Greek government taking to make sure traveler safety?

Greek government are working intently with neighborhood groups, making use of era like drones for search and rescue operations, and issuing indicators and notices via applications just like the Greek lacking folks alert application.

How can families of missing tourists get help in Greece?

Families can touch nearby government, the Greek missing men and women alert program, and their respective embassies for help. They can also have interaction local seek and rescue companies.

What role does the U.S. State Department play inside the search for missing American vacationers?

The U.S. State Department collaborates with neighborhood government within the seek efforts, offers help and sources to the households of the missing people, and troubles travel advisories and safety records for American tourists abroad.

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