Kate Middleton shares update on her cancer and chemotherapy: ‘Not out of the woods’


Catherine, the Princess of Wales, mentioned that she’s making “good progress” with her chemotherapy treatment in a recent public statement regarding her health.

In March, the former Kate Middleton disclosed her cancer diagnosis following a planned abdominal surgery in January. She shared that she had started preventative chemotherapy in its early stages.

Her statement on June 14 marks the first time she has spoken about her cancer treatment since revealing her diagnosis. Catherine mentioned that she still has “a few more months” of chemotherapy ahead and experiences both good and bad days during her ongoing treatment.

Catherine, the Princess of Wales, has been quite open about her journey with chemotherapy. She shared in her statement on June 14 that she’s progressing well with her treatment. Despite facing “good days and bad days,” she remains optimistic as she continues with a few more months of chemotherapy ahead. It’s heartwarming to see her courage and transparency throughout this challenging time.

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