An 8-month-old Kentucky Girl’s Body was Discovered Inside Her House


Remains discovered on Friday during a search of 8-month-old Miya Rudd’s family home are most likely those of the girl, according to Kentucky State Police. “At 1:15 today, detectives from Kentucky State Police located an infant’s body consistent with Miya Rudd,” the department stated in a statement. It noted the hidden body was decaying.

What Happened to Miya Rudd?

According to Kentucky State Police, the decaying remains of Miya Rudd, who is said to have been eight months old, were discovered buried inside an Ohio County residence on Friday.

The newborn girl had vanished from sight in April, but her absence was just recently reported to the authorities. A week-long search in the rural area southeast of Owensboro was focused on the case.

According to Kentucky State Police, around 1:15 p.m. Central time on Friday, officers found an infant’s death at the family’s Ohio County home that was identified as Miya Rudd.

Piece by piece, the investigator was completing the conditions of the search warrant. We knew we would thoroughly investigate the whole house and examine every area of it, according to KSP Trooper Corey King. King claimed the house was disorganized. “They located — under the debris — the body of what we believe is Miya Rudd,” he continued.

King stated that this kind of finding is difficult for everyone, even detectives, just hours after the corpse was discovered.

“We were optimistic, just like the rest of the community,” stated King. “We thought that perhaps this infant was in the hands of someone. However, because we were sorting through trash in the backyard and had cadaver dogs, it is clear that we had some inkling that the outcome wouldn’t be very encouraging.”

According to KSP, the Friday search occurred in several areas, including the residence’s rear, where detectives searched for any tiny clue connected to Miya.

According to King, the inquiry is still underway and is currently evolving into a death investigation case. Determining the cause of death is one of the following stages.

Numerous individuals in the little Ohio County town have been attempting to put together what transpired in this instance.

“I believe it has taken everyone by surprise,” stated Angie Johnson, a Hawesville resident who lives close to Ohio County. “They’re just devastated because you don’t think things like that happen.”

The state police’s hunt for infant Miya turned up evidence of an accused drug network before the body was discovered.

Police Examination:

After troopers visited Miya’s parents’ house to do a welfare check and could not locate her, KSP announced that they were looking for Miya. On suspicion of drug possession, child abuse, and minor abandonment, Miya’s parents, Tesla Tucker, 29, and Cage Rudd, 30, have already been placed under arrest. They were charged on the charge of abandoning a juvenile next week after appearing in court this week to answer to drug-related charges.

“This (searching) is what we have to do without any cooperation from the people that should know where this child is,” King said on Friday, just before the corpse was found.

Billie J. and Ricky Smith, Miya’s paternal grandparents, have also been taken into custody by police in addition to the baby’s parents. Ricky Smith is accused of narcotics charges and the abandonment of a youngster, while Billie Smith was detained on a warrant about domestic violence.

Taletha and David Tucker, the baby’s maternal grandparents, were recently taken into custody in Daviess County on unrelated charges.

As troopers were pulling into a driveway, Timothy Roach, another guy, was reportedly observed tossing unapproved suboxone beneath a car, according to KSP. Roach is being charged with drugs.

On Thursday, there was yet another arrest. According to KSP, Brodie Payne is charged with many narcotics offenses because of “his role in the illegal drug operation held at the Rudd residence.”

Late on Friday night, the KSP said that they had accused Ricky Smith and Payne, Miya’s paternal grandparents, Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd, of abusing a body, tampering with physical evidence, and failing to report a death.

KSP stated that further charges are probably forthcoming as the investigation is still underway.

King stated, “When we do missing cases, that’s where we concentrate and focus on our efforts. That’s what launched this investigation was merely the missing 8-month-old,” hours before detectives found the corpse. The fact that this has continued for this long without any information indicating whether the baby is dead or alive is unusual, as it has grown into a massive drug trafficking enterprise without the family’s assistance.”

The corpse was discovered behind a house, and Payne was residing in an RV, according to KSP. According to King, Cage Rudd’s parents may have also lived at the house where the body was found, as it was the baby’s parents’ principal abode.

“We can claim that at least four or five individuals have resided here for a considerable time. We’re not sure of the timeframe, so we don’t know when she passed away,” King added.

According to KSP, the corpse will be sent to the Kentucky Medical Examiner’s Office in Louisville by the Ohio County Coroner’s Office.

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