US Tourist Missing For Days On Greek Island


On the island of Amorgos, a US tourist went missing while hiking alone. Greek authorities are currently looking for him.

Albert Calibet, 59, disappeared on Tuesday afternoon, according to local authorities. When he didn’t come back from his hike, his companion reported him missing.

According to Greek public broadcaster ERT News, several agencies are taking part in the search for Mr Calibet, including teams from the nearby islands of Paros and Naxos and volunteers from the coastguard.

Michael Mosley, a British television presenter, vanished on the Greek island of Symi a few days prior, and his body wasn’t discovered until four days later.
The US State Department has been contacted by the BBC to provide comments regarding the Mr. Calibet search.
Nearly 25% of Amorgos is under search by land and sea, according to the island’s mayor Eleftherios Karaiskos, who spoke with ERT.
In addition to searching the northern portion of the island using a drone, they are trying to locate Mr. Calibet’s two cell phones. There have been no responses to calls made to Mr Calibet, who the mayor claimed had previously been to the island.

“We’re almost on three days here,” his brother Oliver Calibet told Fox 11 TV in Los Angeles. “There’s no water… I’m very distraught.”

According to ABC News, Oliver Calibet and Mr Calibet’s girlfriend are travelling to Greece to assist with the hunt.

The trek Mr. Calibet had started was busy and not very difficult, according to the mayor of the island, raising the possibility that the American had strayed from his intended path.

Local news sources state that Mr. Calibet, a Los Angeles County retired police officer, began a climb in the village of Aegiali on Tuesday morning.

It is believed that he texted a picture of the sign directing him to Katapola, which is around four hours away by foot, a few minutes later.

A local woman claimed to have spoken with the missing tourist approximately two hours after he made a purchase of drinks at a nearby business. Mega TV was informed by Sofia Liviaki that Mr Calibet had consumed a soft drink, given her a map of his intended route, and brought a bottle of water for the duration of his trip.

The local population of Amorgos, where Mr. Calibet had been a frequent guest for several years, was taken aback by his departure. Although the route he selected is well-trod and not very challenging, the island has been hit by a heatwave, with highs of up to 35C (95F).

“Temperatures are very high, like all of Greece during the heatwave,” the island’s deputy mayor for tourism, Popi Despotidi, told Greek media. “We’re guessing he felt dizzy… and collapsed somewhere. It’s odd because he’s not someone who was walking this route for the first time.”

“We hope that we can bring him home safely,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna told ABC News. “We are actively collaborating with multiple agencies abroad to assist in the search for Deputy Calibet and will use every resource we have available to bring him back to those who love him.”

The missing man’s search comes days after authorities searched Symi, another Greek island, for days in an attempt to find Dr Mosley, a well-known British TV doctor who disappeared after going for a stroll along the beach.

Investigators determined that he died on the day he vanished due to natural causes when his body was discovered in a rocky region.

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