One Of Two Kidnapped Louisiana Girls Discovered Dead In Mississippi


The two young daughters of the Louisiana lady who was found dead in her house on Thursday were taken and discovered hours later in Mississippi, one of them dead and the other alive, according to authorities.

Investigators added that a man from Louisiana who had dated the woman was taken into custody in Jackson, Mississippi, with the kidnapping and deaths.

“He possessed both the victim’s vehicle and her six-year-old child, who is still alive and well,” stated Chief Deputy Jimmy Travis of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana.

According to Travis, the 4-year-old child’s body was discovered close to the vehicle in a Jackson wooded area.

Following the discovery of their mother, Callie Brunett, dead in her Loranger house, some 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Baton Rouge, the Louisiana State Police issued an Amber Alert for the children. Travis stated that since no one had spoken to her since Tuesday, she had been declared missing. The reason of death was not disclosed right away.

“This was just an unspeakable crime,” said Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims’ family. It was a horrendous tragedy.”

According to Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade, the case was brought up with the human trafficking branch of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. He claimed that in the wooded area where the kids were recovered, tiny animal cages had been found.

“He tried to do away with the children by taking them into this wooded area,” Wade said of the suspect, adding, “This was a horrible, horribly tragic situation that was committed by the actions of a coward.”

Daniel Callihan, 36, was found and taken into jail late Thursday afternoon in Jackson, Mississippi, according to Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards. Callihan is charged with carrying out vicious and horrible violent crimes, including as the killings of Callie Brunett, 35, a resident of Loranger, and Erin Brunett, 4, her daughter.

“Our hearts are with all those affected by this tragic event. These are unspeakable crimes. We ask everyone to keep Callie’s family in your prayers,” added Sheriff Edwards.

Along with expressing gratitude to all the agencies that helped with the investigation, he also thanked the citizens who provided tips and information throughout the investigation, as well as the Louisiana State Police, FBI New Orleans, Jackson Mississippi US Marshals Office, Bryam Mississippi Police Department, Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA DOC – Rayburn, Jackson Mississippi Police Department, and Rankin County Mississippi. Furthermore, every support staff member from each of these organizations.

He said that he would especially like to express his gratitude to the media—radio, television, and newspapers—for their assistance in getting the information out.

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