Everything You Need To Know About Seattle FBI Building Incident


A large-scale police response was triggered in downtown Seattle on Wednesday after an armed woman barricaded herself inside the FBI office.

“She walked into the lobby armed with a handgun pointed at her chest,” Seattle Police Officer Eric Munoz told KOMO News. “At one point, the woman was demanding the FBI take her into custody, and they do have authority over that building.”

Witness Keegan Uderitz, looking from his workplace across the street, saw the officers pressuring her to turn herself in.

“On the loudspeaker, they’re saying, ‘Drop the gun, get down, hands up,'” Uderitz clarified.

The woman was reportedly speaking with local law enforcement and negotiators for about an hour before she was safely taken into custody by the FBI’s SWAT squad at 4:12 p.m., Ofc. Munoz continued.

“We are grateful to the Seattle Police Department, King County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Protective Service, and other law enforcement partners for their commitment to protecting our community,” said Richard A. Collodi, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Seattle Field Office.

Officials said that the FBI building’s surroundings were contained while law enforcement worked. At no time throughout the event were hostages abducted, officials confirmed to KOMO News.

There are no known or documented injuries, and it is unclear what caused the catastrophe.

The FBI stated that they will continue to look into the woman’s motivations and will not be disclosing any information about her name.

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