Suspect In 2023 Deadly Philadelphia Shooting Arrested In Puerto Rico


On Wednesday, a guy wanted for a fatal shooting in Philadelphia from the previous year was taken into custody in Puerto Rico.

The incident happened on January 31, 2023, in the 2600 block of North 13th Street, close to Tuck Street, soon before midnight.

There were allegations of someone carrying a gun, so police were dispatched to the area.

Police arrived and discovered 36-year-old Samuel Rosario with several gunshot wounds.

After being taken to Temple University Hospital, he was later declared deceased.

Authorities claim that Amir Studevan was apprehended while in hiding in Puerto Rico more than a year later.

After being returned to Philadelphia via extradition, Studevan faces charges of murder and other relevant felonies.

Why Studevan allegedly went to Puerto Rico following the shooting is unknown to the authorities.

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