President Joe Biden Faces First Lawsuit: All You Need To Know


In a groundbreaking move, a lawsuit was filed against the US administration on Wednesday regarding President Joe Biden’s recent order limiting asylum claims to 2,500 per day on the southern border. Advocates contend that this order mirrors one from the Trump administration that was previously halted by the courts.

The directive, effective since June 5, has the Biden administration expecting a surge in deportations to around 4,000 daily.

Lee Gelernt, an ACLU attorney, stated, “By implementing an asylum restriction akin to the one we successfully challenged under Trump, we had no option but to take legal action.”

Biden’s order triggers asylum processing limits once daily encounters with migrants between entry points hit 2,500. The order took immediate effect due to daily encounter figures exceeding 4,000.

These restrictions will remain until daily encounters drop to or below 1,500 per day, based on a seven-day average, after which a two-week grace period will follow. The timeline for reaching this threshold remains uncertain, with the last instance being in July 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the order came into effect on June 5, Biden administration officials are bracing for a significant increase in deportations. Critics argue that suspending asylum for migrants not entering through designated points, as encouraged by the administration, violates existing federal immigration laws and raises other concerns.

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