Police arrest climate protesters at Congressional Baseball Game


Yo, so check it out – the U.S. Capitol Police nabbed eight climate activists who hopped onto the field at Nationals Park during the Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday. Thankfully, no one got hurt in the mix. The whole stunt was planned by the climate group Climate Defiance, and they announced it on social media the day before. The interruption didn’t last long; the activists hopped the fence along the left field line and got caught on video by the advocacy group.

Climate Defiance is all about taking a stand against fossil fuels. They’ve been disrupting meetings, speeches, and events involving Democratic leaders to draw attention to the climate crisis. The authorities charged the activists with interfering with a U.S. Capitol Police member. This info was shared on X, which used to be known as Twitter.

The climate group Climate Defiance has been making some noise lately. They’re really fired up about the whole fossil fuel situation and have been causing disruptions at various events to shine a light on the climate crisis. This time, they decided to crash the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park, and things got a bit wild when they jumped onto the field.

The U.S. Capitol Police didn’t waste any time and rounded up those activists. It’s pretty intense that they were charged with interfering with the police. It’s all over X, which is the new name for Twitter.

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