Jet missing since 1971 found submerged in Vermont’s Lake Champlain, experts say


Experts think they’ve located the remains of a company’s private aircraft 200 feet beneath the surface of Lake Champlain in Vermont, where it tragically crashed over 50 years ago. The jet, registered as N400CP, vanished shortly after taking off from Burlington on its way to Providence, Rhode Island, on January 27, 1971.

Pilots Donald Myers and George Nikita, along with passengers Richard Windsor, Robert Williams, and Frank Wilder, were all aboard the flight in 1971. After the significant discovery, families were left with a mix of emotions.

Barbara Nikitas, the niece of pilot George Nikita, expressed her feelings, saying, “To have this found now… it’s a peaceful feeling, but at the same time, it’s very sad.” She shared in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, “We know what happened. We’ve seen a couple of photos. We’re struggling, I think, with that now.”

Wilder, who resides outside of Philadelphia, mentioned, “Spending 53 years not knowing if the plane was in the lake or maybe on a mountainside around there somewhere was distressing.” He added, “And again, I’m feeling relieved that I know where the plane is now, but unfortunately, it’s opening other questions, and we have to work on those now.”

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