‘Baby Reindeer’: Woman sues Netflix for $170 million over defamation claim in miniseries


A lady who says she was the muse for the stalker in the popular Netflix series “Baby Reindeer” took legal action against the streaming service on Thursday, seeking over $170 million in damages. Fiona Harvey claimed Netflix defamed her, caused emotional distress, and violated her right of publicity in a lawsuit filed in a California federal court.

Harvey, a Scottish lawyer residing in England, revealed herself as the real-life “Martha,” the disturbed, aggressive woman portrayed by actress Jessica Gunning in Richard Gadd’s widely acclaimed series.

The British dark comedy asserts to be “a true story” in its opening episode, a claim disputed by Harvey in the lawsuit as “the biggest lie in television history.”

Harvey accused Netflix of spreading false information, including labeling her as a “twice convicted stalker sentenced to five years in prison,” stating Netflix chose to perpetuate these falsehoods for a more compelling narrative that generates profit.

Netflix responded to the lawsuit, asserting it would vigorously defend the case and support Richard Gadd’s right to share his story.

The seven-part series debuted on Netflix in April.

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