Young Thug’s lawyer held in contempt, ordered to spend 10 weekends in jail


The judge overseeing Young Thug’s extensive racketeering trial found the musician’s lawyer in contempt on Monday. This happened after a discussion reportedly took place between the judge, prosecutors, and a key witness from the state.

Brian Steel was removed from the courtroom for not revealing how he found out about the meeting that allegedly occurred in the judge’s chambers before the court session. Judge Ural Glanville sentenced Steel to serve the next 10 weekends at Fulton County Jail, totaling 20 days. Steel was instructed to report to the Rice Street facility by 7 p.m. Friday. He requested to spend weekends with his client at Cobb County Jail instead to work on their case, which Glanville agreed to and said he would speak to the sheriff.

Glanville informed the rapper’s attorney that he had obtained information he shouldn’t have and then had Steel taken into custody by a courtroom deputy.

Steel told the judge that he shouldn’t be communicating with a sworn witness and requested a mistrial before being allowed back into the courtroom.

The witness, Kenneth Copeland, spent the weekend in jail after refusing to testify on Friday, despite having an immunity deal. However, on Monday, Copeland had a change of heart and appeared in court wearing a blue jumpsuit. He was released on the condition that he would return to testify on Tuesday morning.

Before Monday’s lunch break, the reluctant witness avoided most of the prosecution’s questions, during which Steel mentioned learning about the morning meeting.

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