Michael Mosley wandered lost before heat killed him


The initial post-mortem examination on Dr. Michael Mosley’s body has determined that he passed away from natural causes, as per information received by the BBC. Dr. Mosley, a TV presenter, was discovered in a rocky area on the Greek island of Symi on Sunday, four days after he was reported missing while on vacation.

Greek police spokesperson Konstantia Dimoglidou informed the BBC that the initial post-mortem did not reveal any injuries that could have led to his death. Dr. Mosley’s time of death was estimated to be around 16:00 on the day he went missing, Wednesday. The 67-year-old, a father of four, went for a walk from Agios Nikolaos beach, near his accommodation on the northeast side of the island, at approximately 13:30 local time on Wednesday.

His wife, Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, raised the alarm when he didn’t return. Greek authorities conducted a thorough search, involving police officers, firefighters, divers, and a helicopter due to the high temperatures. His body was discovered by the manager of a bar on Agia Marina beach, northwards from where he started his walk.

The initial assessment attributing Dr. Mosley’s death to natural causes was based on the body’s position and the absence of injuries. Additional toxicology and histology reports have been requested for further investigation. CCTV footage near the beach bar showed Dr. Mosley disappearing from view as he descended a hillside, eventually collapsing behind a wall where his body was later found. Dr. Bailey Mosley mentioned that the family finds solace in the knowledge that her husband passed away naturally.

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